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Volunteers are extremely valuable resources to our foundation structure and impact resources. We seek two different types of volunteers to help us deliver our message and achieve our mission. Our foundation is a start-up seeking help with fundraising events and marketing support. 


We welcome volunteers of all ages and genders to help us with our local fundraising events. Most of our volunteer shifts last 2-4 hours. Tasks assigned to volunteers range from setting up a variety of activities/ events to handleing fundraising transactions and gathering emails.

Marketing Support

We genuinely believe that every contribution counts. We are seeking marketing partners of all skill caliber. We are mainly looking for content and blogging support from marketing professionals who are passionate about our nonprofit’s impact initiatives.

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Arizona Credit for Donations Made to Qualifying Charitable Organizations (QCO) Contribution amounts eligible for credit: $400 for single filers/ $800 for joint. The Arizona Department of Revenue provides a list of qualifying charitable. Learn More.

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