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Inspiring Women to Build Healthy Communities

Welcome, here you will find community impact resources that cultivate empowerment for women. We work on a local scale to create a statewide impact that we hope to scale into a national program. We offer free women empowerment resources for women of all ages. We empower women to advance equality, body confidence, and emotional intelligence. We are confident these skills can help women close the wage gap. We hope that one day our work in women’s rights will be recognized and rewarded by society at large. 


Download the resources below. Select from various resources by ages group to read, color, or interact with to empower and entertain people of all ages.

Youth Age Group

(Ages 3 - 8)

Kids Coloring Pages

We inspire all age groups of kids to be the best version on themselves. We believe that confidence starts at a young age. We are here to support you and your child on this journey in life.

Download the Amazon KDP files or print the PDF versions for your kids

Adolescent Age Group

(Ages 9 - 15)

Empowerment Blog

This empowerment blog with inspire you to be come the best version of yourself. Women's Empowerment educates and empowers women to ensure that we continue to grow and serve the progress of gender equality and women's empowerment.

Mature Age Group

(Age 16 +)

Equality for Women

We inspire women with local support, confidence tools, and network/ support resources to build healthy communities. We often see women with potential self sabotage their success with a lack of inner confidence. Once these women possessed the determination to succeed, they surpassed their expectations.

Download the free gender confidence eBook.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Handbook

Understanding the power of your emotions and how to control them is the first step towards inner peace and life long bliss. We supply women with tools and workshops to teach them how to manage their emotions in a way that supports their personal and professional success.

Download the free emotional intelligence handbook.

Empowerment & Self Care For Women

Girls and women are equipped with the inner strength to take care of themselves and their loved ones. We teach women how to believe in themselves, to set the bar higher, have faith in their natural talents, and strengthen those abilities.

Download the free self-care empowerment guide.

Adult Coloring Pages

We inspire all age groups of kids to be the best version on themselves. We believe that confidence starts at a young age. We are here to support you and your child on this journey in life.

Print PDF Empowerment coloring pages and share with friends.

Future Topics

Financial Literacy Manual

Women should start educating themselves and planning for financia freedom at a younger age than anticipated. Any woman can be in charge of their finances.

Download the free financial literacy manual.

Our Mission to Empower Women

Gender (Body-Positivity) Confidence, Women’s Rights Empowerment, Finacial Literacy, and Emotional Intelligence are the essential ingredients in our Women-Led Social Movement for the success of all women at any age. We believe in educating women with salary negotiation tips, leadership qualities, solo empowerment, gender confidence, and inspirational networking resources from other women leading our communities will cultivate change organically. We plan to inspire women of all ages to create some of the strongest women to come in future generations. After many women, we model our programs that pioneered women’s rights long before this organization was founded. 

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All women are born with strong confidence, and then as we grow up in a man’s world, we become less aware of our inner strength. We will help you tap into your feminine source and become the successful women you were born to be. Our Women Empowerment Resources provided by our nonprofit was started to support women of all ages.  Contact us to learn more.

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Partnering to build a world where all women are treated with respect and equality

Our nonprofit is driven by women who believe in leadership development and social change. Our mission is to provide all women with women’s rights movement impact resources. Women bring awareness to the wage gap, helping reshape the world as we know it. Women will always rise; we are leading small efforts to educate women. It is our goal to build their gender confidence and emotional intelligence.

Community impact truly starts with funding. We are a start-up nonprofit seeking donations and volunteers. Thank you for your support.

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