"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all"

Helen Keller


Every donation impacts a woman's life...

We are a start-up, all donations go towards building a stronger foundation to support all women of America and one day abroad. Currently, donations get applied to social media strategies, empowering downloadable resources, and website hosting. We plan to develop more content, including Google Classrooms, Downloadable Handbooks, and Youtube videos, supporting women of all ages.
We use PayPal Givng Fund and Stripe Donations for all donation payment processing. You will recieve a 501(c)3 tax deductable recipet. We appreciate any donation you can spare. 
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Women's Rights Nonprofit

Jane was impacted by harassment, learn how she overcame…

When situations in life require inner strength sometimes it is hard to figure out how to process feelings and stand up for yourself. The gender confidence program empowered me. Using techniques I was taught by this Foundation I was able to find my self awareness and emotional intelligence. I was became strong enought to overcome gender oppression.

A Brighter Future — for American Women

I was so connected to the founder of this organization, she is a longtime advocate for women’s success in education and the workplace. A longtime advocate for women’s success in education and the workplace. The workshops’ lessons in knowing your personal worth and navigating the double standards women often face at work are lessons women need. No one knows that more than a human rights activist.