Jessica Feldman

Our founder started this nonprofit in 2017 when she realized that even though it had been 100 years since women got their right to vote, men still held women back from prosperity.

She grew up in Hawaii, one of the most beautiful places in the world. There, she learned the importance of community and connection while embracing the power of (family) O'hana. Yet, she spent most of her days in the sun, daydreaming of financial freedom and independence.

Dropping out of high school due to family circumstances initially left her feeling hopeless. Fortunately, she found her way back to school, got her G.E.D. at age 21, her associate's degree at around 24, and my bachelor of science in advertising in 20Her passion for women's rights began at a very young age. She plans to raise money and work with local communities to teach youthful women self-confidence, financial literacy, gender equality, and empowerment. Her desire to help empower young women inspired her to form this nonprofit. She aims to work with local school districts to help reshape how women learn to manage their education, self-confidence, and money.

Angela Feldman
Angela Feldman
Spirit Guide/Soul Healing Counselor - (Part-time)

I grew up as a member of the Mormon church in a town about 12 miles north of Salt Lake City, Utah called Bountiful, Utah. In 1981 I had my first child and in 1983 I moved to Hawaii. In 1984 & 86’ I had my 2nd & 3rd childrern both boys and my final birth in 1987 to a girl, so that is a total of 4 c-sections in 6yrs.

In about 1994 we moved back to Utah, Hawaii is a super expensive place to live and we also wanted our kids to expereince the mainland. And a few years later we settled in Arizona and have been here ever since.

I have moslty been a housewife/mother & cashier/retail sales. Although I have owned two different businesses and have a bachelors degree in business. My daughter is a digital wizard. My first son owns his own auto shop (auto wizard), and my second son is a proud member of the Army National Guard (sercurity wizard). My last child, my sweet Amber Lynn Brush, sadly she died from SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) at about 14 weeks old.

Today, I craft, spend time my grandson, work and support this nonprofit to empower women.

Alyssa Claiire
Alyssa Adams
Social Media Manager - (Part-time)

I am a young entraprenuer residing in Phoenix, Arizona. Born in Arizona and attending ASU. I am very passionate about digital marketing and women's rights. I plan to devote a majority of my spare time to helping yonug women grow.

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